The artist Johnny Naked is offering his services as a naked slave for the price of $1,999,999.99 (U.S.) for a duration period of 1 year.

Terms of the Deal:
The buyer will pay the full price of $1,999,999.99 up front into a secure holding account under Johnny Naked's name and/or his appointed representative 2 weeks before the first-day of service. For this fee, Mr. Naked shall offer his services to the buyer as a live-in slave for a period of 1-year, starting on a mutually agreed upon date and ending exactly 365 calendar days later. Mr. Naked shall perform any and all duties requested of him by the buyer to the best of his ability and within his own personal limitations/capability to do requested tasks as appropriate, taking into account Federal, State, and Local laws regarding such an employment contract. Mr. Naked shall not be asked to do anything that may bring legal action against him or violates any known law, as well as any action that might endanger his own health and well-being. The buyer shall be responsible for providing Mr. Naked with adequate living arrangements, including but not limited to: shelter, food & drink, medical care, shower and/or bath facilities, and any other reasonable personal human need during the course of the year while he is under ownership. It is the buyer's choice whether to keep Mr. Naked naked for the entire length of his service if so desired, provided his health is looked after by making sure the surrounding environment is non-threatening in regards to climate/invasive animal life --such as mosquitos--/and any other threat that may require clothing protection for safety reasons. The fee paid by the buyer is non-refundable under any circumstance should Mr. Naked be unable to fully complete his services due to health/medical issues, personal and/or family emergency, act of God and/or Terrorism, requirement of government agencies, and any other reasonable unexpected life occurrence that should hinder his ability to fulfill his duties. Due to the unorthodox and unique nature of this offer, the buyer should assume that they are buying into a service that has inherent risks involved and that they are solely responsible -- both financially and legally -- for any negative repercussions resulting from this arrangement and Mr. Naked and his services, and Mr. Naked shall not be held accountable for any negative occurrence and/or outcome that takes place during his service.

Terms of this deal are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Mr. Naked. Void where prohibited by law.

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Thank you for your consideration.

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If you can't afford the NakedSlave4Art Project and/or you are just generally opposed to slavery of all forms, including works of art, please consider making a donation to the Polaris Project which is a non-profit institution dedicated to bringing an end to human-trafficking and modern day slavery.
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